5 Best Hybrid Golf Clubs 2017

The right hybrid is important. No one doubts that anymore but it's a challenging task finding a good model. Especially with so many choices out there. This is why I decided to help you find your best hybrid golf clubs for 2017.

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best hybrid golf clubs 2017
If you hate irons but love drivers, this is maybe the greatest invention ever.Jacob

Hybrid golf club purchase guide

  • When it comes to the design, you need to focus on the shape of the clubhead and the color of your club. Some models will be more compact and suitable for approaching shots, while others are more similar to the fairway woods. You are free to pick which style works best for you.

  • Adjustability is very important, you might need a hybrid that has an adjustable element. Plus, these might be suitable for windy conditions or if you play a lot of different courses.

  • Always try before you buy, this way you know what you pay for, so a little practice is very important.

  • The loft will usually be decided by what you need. If you need to replace the 3-iron you want lofts that have up to 24 degrees. On the other hand, if you want more control you should opt for something that’s lower.

  • Every Hybrid in this list is also on Amazon to make it easy for you to get them from a trusted seller and sometimes you are lucky enough to find a good deal on black friday, cyber monday or for christmas.

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5 best hybrid golf clubs 2017

#5 TaylorMade Men’s M2 Rescue Hybrid Club

TaylorMade M2 Rescue is a product designed for those players that want forgiveness and power in one single product.


The product has a larger shape when compared to other models but it’s not adjustable. It does have a fluted hosel that helps save some weight. Rated as the #5 best hybrid golf club 2017 and defninetly a good hybrid for 2018. The black gloss finish looks very well and it doesn’t even reflect that many sun rays. It also has a forgiving head shape. The performance is also good and it actually recommends this product for people that don’t have a lot of confidence in their strikes. You do get plenty of custom and loft options which make it easy to handle and the precision you get from it is pretty good too. Overall, it’s a solid purchase at around $130 and it might be included in one of the best hybrid golf club sets without a problem.


  • Very precise
  • Nice gloss finish


  • Not adjustable
Overall Rating

Taylormade Men's M2 Rescue Club


#4 Ping G Crossover

The reason why we included this one is the list with some of the best hybrid golf club reviews is simple. The Ping G Crossover model is created specifically to offer you the distance and ball speed of a hybrid, all while help you acquire the spin and preflight from a long iron.

What makes it different is the trajectory height. At the same time, the forgiveness levels are high which makes it a good option for the pros. The fact that you get an extra versatility and distance as well as lower spins and a good flight make it an option you want to check out! Also make sure to check out Rick Shiels (video below). He recorded himself testing many many clubs over the last years and is a great instructor!


  • It gives you the extra distance you need
  • Very versatile hybrid
  • High ball flight


  • Lots of offset (some golfers don't like that)
Overall Rating

Ping G Crossover


#3 Cobra BiO CELL

Many consider the Cobra BiO CELL to be one of the best hybrid golf clubs on the market and you can easily see why. Not only does it have the MyFLy8 tech that helps you find 8 different loft options, but it also keeps the face square at all times.

They removed some of the weight from the face and how you get a much better launch condition when compared to the previous model. Another thing we mentioned while writing these hybrid golf club reviews is that the Cobra BiO CELL has some high steel inserts. They help provide some added distance which is a great thing for sure! Below you will find a video from the amazing Mark Crossfield testing the Cobra Bio Cell.


  • Head size is perfect (at least for me)
  • Great flight capabilities
  • Adjustable loft
  • Above average overall


  • None
Overall Rating

Cobra Bio Cell


#2Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Hybrid

A very modern and well performing hybrid in the game from Cleveland and one of the main contenders for the best hybrid golf club 2017 title because not only is it a delight to use, but it also has some great features. The compact head offers minimal offset, the face thickness is variable and the product does generate a very good ball speed.

They added a Gliderail sole feature that helps keep the drag at a minimum and it makes it easy for the Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Hybrid to cut the turf properly. The head design is nice and it maintains the center of gravity at a very low point so your precision is improved. There’s not a lot of drag either, which makes this model maybe one of the best hybrids out there. If you are interested in Hybrids from Cleveland Golf you should head over to their website where they have the newest Hybrids available.


  • Small offset
  • Minimal drag, cuts through the turf like a knife
  • Low center of gravity
  • Face thickness is variable


  • None
Overall Rating

Cleveland Golf Men's Launcher HB Hybrid


#1 Best Hybrid Golf Club 2017 on the next page

As you can see from these hybrid golf club reviews, there are plenty of models you can choose from if you want to get a good hybrid. However, these 5 models impress with their quality, professionalism and attention to detail. Give them a shot and you will be more than impressed with the results, as they really are the best hybrid golf clubs on the market! Click the button below on the right to see our #1 winner hybrid for 2017 !


What are hybrid golf clubs? Additional information.

Finding the best hybrid golf clubs 2017 is very important if you want to stay competitive and on top of your game. That’s why we created these hybrid golf club reviews to help you figure out which one is the best model to suit your needs. Each golf club also has a list of pros and cons to make the deciding process a lot easier! Good luck finding your new favourite hybrid in 2017 with our golf hybrid reviews!

UPDATE: Our article for the best Hybrid Golf Clubs 2018 is almost done! Stay tuned.

Before you focus on finding the best hybrid golf club sets, you need to understand what the hybrid golf clubs are. Simply put, these are a combination of iron and fairway wood. While finding the best fairway woods 2017 is crucial, people that opt for hybrids get the control that fairway woods can’t offer, all while getting a very good forgiveness when you shoot the ball.

Around 50% of golf tour professionals opt for a hybrid, so the hybrid golf club sets are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. However, picking the best hybrid golf clubs can be quite the challenge, so I hope that our guide will help you on your way to a new hybrid to get the golf ball far enough on that second shot!

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