9 Best Golf Launch Monitors 2019

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Since golf is a game of physics, it’s very important to manage and handle your game the best way that you can. There are lots of situations when you are unable to hit the ball properly due to ever-changing weather condition. Stuff like the hit speed can also influence the ball trajectory too. Which is why you need to acquire a good golf launch monitor. What this does is it looks at your swing and analyzes important data pieces.

5 Best Golf Irons 2019

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best golf irons 2019

Those big-headed woods get a lot of attention, but it’s the humble irons that really help you win your game. They are the workhorses in your golf bag that have the job of being more than just big; they have to be precise.

5 Best Golf Launch Monitors 2018

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best golf launch monitor reviews 2017

Look at the different features that you truly need. More features mean more costs and vice versa. Depending on your handicap and ambitions you have to decide for yourself what features you are looking for. If you plan to improve your club head speed and launch angle you are good to go with a basic launch monitor for a medium … Read More

7 Best Golf Irons 2018

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2 different production types dominate the market since years. Forged and Cast. Both types come with advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you understand them before you buy!Forged Irons represent the more expensive and “professional” version of irons. Since they are created out of a single hot piece of metal a forged iron looks very solid.Cast Irons however are created by … Read More

Top 9 Best Golf Irons 2017

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5 Best Golf Irons 2017

UPDATE: There is an updated version for this article. Our article for the best Irons 2018 is here! Click here to go to read it. Regardless of how long you have played golf for, or what your handicap mark is, you will have a slightly different style to that of your friends. This is very important when you are choosing … Read More

Top 5 Best Golf Hybrid Clubs 2018

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Best Golf Hybrid Clubs 2018

Hybrid are not for everyone but can certainly improve your game by a lot! Make sure to test at least 3 different Hybrids before buying and spend as much time as possible with your Test Hybrid on the golf course. This blog uses affiliate links. If you buy something through an affiliate link I will be compensated at no additional … Read More

5 Best Golf Putters 2018

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Length is between 33-36 inches Length is between 41-46 inches Length between 48-52 inches The most putters you’ll find are between 34-35 inches long. Length between 32-34 inches Length between 30-33 inches This blog uses affiliate links. If you buy something through an affiliate link I will be compensated at no additional cost for you. Thank you for supporting The … Read More

Top 9 Best Golf Wedges 2018

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With so many different challenges around the world, no matter where you are playing golf you will need at least one golf wedge in your bag. There are many types of golf wedges available out there and each wedge will suit a different scenario, so unlike other clubs, your wedges have to suit your needs exactly. Some people are able … Read More