5 Best Golf Putters 2018

If you are looking to buy a new golf putter and need more information before heading out here is some helpful information when choosing your club. Whether you are a skilled, intermediate or beginner golfer, it is important to know what you are buying and if it is the right one for you. So, let us get started!

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Golf is the closest game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots-but you have to play the ball where it lies.Jacob

Is your putter the right length?

The length of the putter is proven by the golfer’s level of comfort in size and stroke. There are several sizes of putters, but the most common include:
  • Traditional Putters

    Length is between 33-36 inches

  • Belly Putters

    Length is between 41-46 inches

  • Long Putters

    Length between 48-52 inches

  • Most Putters

    The most putters you’ll find are between 34-35 inches long.

  • Male Putters

    Length between 32-34 inches

  • Female Putters

    Length between 30-33 inches

So how can you find what putter is the right one for you? Ask yourself this: Does it make it easier for you to make more putts? If you answer yes, you have found the right putter for you. Here are the top 5 Golf putters for 2018!

Choosing a head shape.

Let us say you have been playing for some time now, and you have a few putters in the closet or whether you are a beginner, you need to understand that the head shape of the putter can affect your performance.

There are three shapes of length putters:
The Blade-slim from the face to the back and is popular for those how have mishits. The Mid Wallet has its weight set farther back from the face to support the gravity backwards, and The Mallet has the full weight as far back away from the face and splitting the weight to the two back corners of the head.

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Top 5 best putters 2018


The Best Blade Putter

The Odyssey Hot Pro is best blade putter with its striking look, feel and texture. With its milling cutting system that gives extra endurance to ensure continual performance. Making it the ideal choice for professionals as well as amateurs is the best blade putter that is Odyssey.


  • 3 different loft options
  • Tour winning addition technology
  • Engineered for better performance
  • Mirror based system to select the right shape based on your setup ball
  • Designed to withstand any form of punishment


  • none
Overall Rating


The best face balanced Putter

Is one of the best face balanced putters for beginners with its pearl white club head that makes this putter stand out from the crowd. With its unique white finish gives it a trendy appearance and ideal for fast putting fields makes the best face balanced putters on tour.


  • Allows the golfer to keep their back straight on the follow-through and keep them for pulling off the ball
  • Helps keep the right pendulum line
  • Diminishes the hotspot
  • 34 inches long making ideal for pros and amateurs
  • Customized head cover
  • Easy to align the mallet clubhead


  • Not meant for very low handicappers
Overall Rating


The best Mallet Putter

The Cleveland Golf TFI 2135 is one of the best mallet putters on tour. With a collection of 10 different varieties of putters that include a ribbed like back to improve connection and with a soft grip and a plumber neck. With an added optimized milling in the face that allows for better roll putts for forgiveness mishitsis what makes them the best mallet putters.


  • Raised position to help better aim at target
  • Center hits get rolling faster
  • Raised sightline works
  • Stable on heel and toe hits


  • none
Overall Rating


The most used putter on the PGA Tour

The most used putter on touris this Cleveland collection comes in three tour shapes that include two classic Anser style putters and a mid-mallet. The heads consist of satin finishes that help reduce sunlight glare with small graphics Using classic designs and improving them with new materials and milling patterns is what is turning them into the most used putter on tour.


  • Ultra-soft feel and dense performance.
  • Face is precision milled with a diamond shape milling pattern
  • The softest feeling putters
  • Coarse milling pattern for a more consistent roll
  • 345g head offers sweet spot and no skidding
  • 304 stainless steel


  • A bit more expensive
Overall Rating


The Best Overall

The Spider Tour Putter is the latest version from TaylorMade Spider collection and best golf putter on our list in 2018. It has become very popular with the pros as offers a more efficient compact kind of the Spider. The downside for many is the no alignment aids. One of the most notable features includes the head as it makes it more compact along with its slant neck making it the best golf putter.

MySpider Personalized Putters

You can get your Taylormade Spider Putter in 250.000 different Variations creating a completely customized look.


  • Increase topspin and forward roll around many surfaces with the Pure Roll insert
  • No sightline for better alignment
  • “tour only” slanted neck
  • Solid feel for an insert
  • Black shaft and grip plus head for sick murdered stance


  • Absolutely none
Overall Rating

Do you truly need a new putter?

This is a problem as we like to believe that a new putter will solve our troubles. But do you really need a new putter? Is that really the problem? Or do I need to learn how to use it the right way?”

It's always easier to put the blame on our putter then must admit that the bad performance is that I might not be using correctly. Some golfers believe that a putter is a living thing that has feelings, is unpredictable, and can sometimes even act up. We also understand that the putter would like to take its place where it belongs and its rightful place on the bag the whole time, be acclaimed for presenting well on the green. Taking this into consideration, when your putter acts up, finding a place in the closet for a week or so will teach some discipline which will ensue better performance in most cases.

Dragging your putter, you are your car can be harsh especially if you never gave it the opportunity to make amends. If you have never been a good putter, and do not seem to get a good feel when approaching the field, its unfortunate since 45% of your score and the same amount of time happens on the putting field.

There is no need to go through this dilemma when you should be enjoying this experience. Therefore, if you decide to buy a new putter, you should first learn how to use it properly. I highly recommend a lesson from a PGA instructor.

A Final Word

All of these putters are very good, have great quality and can improve your extremley important putting game. Take your time and practice your technique and get the results you want in 2018, don't wait any longer! 🏌️⛳

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