Top 9 Best Golf Irons 2017

Looking for some nice and new irons for your golfbag in 2018? You came to the right spot and got you covered with the newest and best irons from Callaway, Titleist and many more! So many great and new irons hit the market in 2017 and now is your chance to grab the best of them.

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5 Best Golf Irons 2017


UPDATE: There is an updated version for this article. Our article for the best Irons 2018 is here! Click here to go to read it.

Regardless of how long you have played golf for, or what your handicap mark is, you will have a slightly different style to that of your friends. This is very important when you are choosing to buy a new set of irons, something that is a great fit for your friend may not be a great fit for you. With this in mind, it is vital you choose your own irons and you make sure they are perfect for you and your game. With so many different irons available, it can be quite a daunting task to find the right one for you. With so much choice you need some help, so check out our golf iron reviews throughout 2017, which are updated each month and will give you all the information you need before buying your next golf irons.

If you are caught on a golf course during a storm and are afraid of lightning, hold up a 1-iron. Not even God can hit a 1-iron.

Lee Trevino

Types of Golf Irons

  • Golf Irons by Make

    There are two processes used when making golf irons: casting and forging. When forging, the maker uses and old strategy of shaping the golf iron, this means they do not use a mould to create the desired shape. Forged golf irons are preferred by veterans of the game, they are often considered the best golf irons available and are more expensive that those made using the casting method.

  • Golf Irons by Loft

    The loft on a golf club is what makes it have the horizontal downward direction, rather than a singular upward path. Irons numbered 1 and 2 are very rarely used now due to the invention of hybrid clubs, something that has helped golfers around the world. Anything up to number 4 has a lower loft and has the ability to hit further than any of the other irons. Irons numbered from 5 to 7 are known as mid-range irons, where players can hit middle distances and finally 8 and 9 are known as short irons, they have a lot of loft and hit the ball much higher.

  • Golf Irons by Shaft

    The shaft is the handle for your golf club and a vital part of how the club plays. When choosing a new set of golf irons, you have three different types of shaft to choose from. Steel shafts are the most popular due to their durability and affordability. They allow you to get a good grip of the club, regardless of the shot you are planning and are known to last a very long time.

Regular golfers will know how to difficult it can be to hit your irons perfectly every time, this is not your fault, this is simply the design of the clubs. Your irons can hugely improve, or wreck your game every time you hit the course and because of that you need to find the best ones to fit your style of play. This is why our list of the best golf irons 2017 will help you out, we will show you the best on the market, show you’re their pro’s and con’s before giving you the option of deciding which one to buy. It doesn’t matter whether you are a mid handicapper, a beginner or a pro we have some great irons that will help you improving your game. We hope you enjoy reading this article, we hope it helps you decide what irons to buy next and most importantly of all, let us know the decisions you make!

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#9 Cobra King F7

The Cobra King F7 irons will not be for everyone as they are quite a technical golf club. The most interesting part of their design is that all the clubs have the same length, the length of a 7-iron. This single length idea will not suit all players out there, but it may suit you, so make sure you consider these irons when looking for your next set.

You also have four different head designs to choose from, something that is likely to confuse a few people who are looking at these. However, the progressive-set idea is significant and very useful as it alters the face flexibility, the center of gravity and the spin, which optimizes the performance of very single iron in this set.

The longer irons in this set have added weight to the heel and toe, which helps stability and launch, especially good for mid handicappers who may miss the sweet spot slightly. Mid handicappers are who these clubs are designed for and they should give improved length, while being forgiving enough to handle errors. High handicappers may also be able to use these clubs and if they do, they will certainly see improvement in their game.

This set will improve the game of any mid to high range handicapper out there and they offer a really nice feel. The added distance you will get is a huge bonus, and you always know the large sweet spot will help you recover if you don’t quite strike the ball perfectly. Low handicappers may not get as much out of these, but for mid to high range players looking for new golf irons for 2017, these are certainly worth considering.


  • Designed to give mid handicappers improved length
  • Forgiving enough to assist even high handicappers
  • Powerful irons that will give any ability player maximum distance
  • Overall the best mid handicap irons 2017 you can find at the moment


  • Single length clubs not ideal for everyone
Overall Rating

Cobra King F7


#8 Mizuno MX-200 Golf Irons

The Mizuno MX-200 golf irons are a very good choice for beginners and those who are still learning the game. They have a nice room for error so that even players at the beginning of their golfing career can afford a slight error which the club will help with. Players using the Mizuno MX-200 will hardly miss a ball, or leave on short when using the clubs and even intermediate players will see advantages from these that will enhance their game.

As mentioned, the club has a huge sweet spot and is very forgiving on players that make a slight error. Even if you have little golfing skill because you are just beginning, you will find yourself hitting some incredible shots with this set of irons. Those looking to improve their game will love the Mizuno MX-200 irons, they are capable of helping you to hit straighter and longer, while lowering your handicap mark. However, these clubs are not very good for those players who have a single digit handicap mark. These irons proudly carry the title of being the best golf irons for high handicappers.


  • Rated “best golf clubs for high handicappers”
  • Forgiving Y-tune design
  • Excellent ball trajectory
  • Improved design on the MX-25
  • Big size gives the player confidence
  • Great feedback from players


•   None

Overall Rating

Mizuno MX-200 Golf Irons


#7 Callaway X-22 Golf Irons

For the intermediate players out there who are looking to find slight improvements in their game, the Callaway X-22 golf irons are most likely the best choice for you. The oversized head will give you a break if you miss the sweet spot, and should still result in you playing an outstanding shot. To aid accuracy during flight, the club is designed to spin the ball and this is one area where you will see an improvement in your game. To be exact, you will improve your game in every aspect since these are the best game improvement irons 2017 by far. Nothing even comes close to the feeling of the X-22 irons if you want to step up your game.

The Callaway X-22 golf irons are well built and specifically designed for intermediate players. When you are buying Callaway, you know you are buying from one of the best golf brands in the industry, and because of this, these clubs offer incredible value for money. The cool blue tip makes them look fantastic, as well as playing fantastic. The gel dampening technology makes these one of the smoothest clubs available and it is a real pleasure to play a round with these.

The Callaway X-22 irons have a large sweet spot which makes them ok for beginners as well as intermediate players. They are ranked as one of the best golf irons for 2017 to improve a players game. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate and you are looking to take your game to the next level, the Callaway X22 irons are able to do that for you. These irons are also good enough for a mid handicapper to use, such is their quality.
I can’t emphasize enough that these irons are special. They are the best game improvement irons 2017 for a reason. Try them out and see for yourself how your game improves after only a few weeks with these in your bag!


  • Maximized perimeter weighting for more forgiveness
  • Polycarbonate tip plug that dampens vibrations
  • Head Shape inspired by tour irons
  • Gives 10-20 yards extra to most players with a mid range handicap
  • Best game improvement irons 2017. Rated by Golf Digest


•   None. There is a reason why this is called the best x-iron-series from Callaway

Overall Rating

Callaway X-22 Golf Irons


#6 Callaway Tour Authentic X-Prototype Golf Irons

If you are looking to buy some new professional golf irons for 2017, there are few on the market that has excellent performance and a reasonable price. One set that does is the Callaway Tour Authentic X-Prototype iron set. This series has been specifically made for golf experts to achieve a perfect shot every time.

The price for these irons is much more than most of the irons on our list for 2017. However, if you are a player looking to dominate every golf course you play on, the Callaway Tour Authentic X-Prototype iron series will make a great weapon of choice for you.


  • Makes by professionals, for professionals
  • High ball flight
  • Makes every shot possible
  • Gives 10-20 yards extra to most players with a mid-range handicap
  • The set is rated as the 2nd best game improvement irons of 2017


  • Expensive compared to some others

Overall Rating

Callaway Tour Authentic X-Prototype Golf Irons


#5 Mizuno JPX 900 Forged

The Mizuno JPX 900 forged irons continue to show just how good Mizuno are at producing forged irons and putting them into their game improvement offerings. These irons offer the perfect setup for mid handicappers, while high handicappers will also see plenty of improvement in their game from them. Whether you are a mid handicapper or you are a beginner to golf wanting some quality golf irons in 2017, make sure you take a look at these.

The rear cavity on these irons has been enlarged and that gives a weight saving of 21.5 grams, this has been redistributed to bolster forgiveness, something both mid and high handicappers will appreciate. Mizuno have placed a huge emphasis on sound and feel, and these irons show exactly that, they feel great and when you hit a good one, they sound great!

The soft feel of these clubs will appeal to mid handicappers, as will the feedback off your shots, whether they are great shots or miss hits. They have a clean finish that is simple, yet beautiful at the same time, should you buy these you will have some very stylish irons in your bag. For high handicappers who want to take their game to the next level in 2017, the sweet spot here is big and forgiving and you will be hitting the ball long and high with these fantastic irons. These are more expensive that others available on the market, but lovely to hit with and you will feel the quality in them.


  • Great, simple and stylish design that players will love
  • Very good choice for mid handicappers or amateurs who want quality in their bag
  • Forgiving enough to be used by high handicappers who want to take their game to the next level
  • Great sound and a great feel
  • Capable of moving your game to the next level


•    More expensive than other options out there

Overall Rating

Mizuno JPX Forged 900


#5 (TIE)
Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal

The Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal iron set is a great set of irons that uses the latest technology to produce long hitting, good looking irons, ideal for a range of handicappers. They are made from Chromoly, which gives Mizuno the ability to create their thinnest ever cup face for additional distance.

Mizuno have often been known for sacrificing distance on their irons, but that is something that has certainly been addressed on their 2017 irons. They have great power, alongside their great looks, which results in mid to high handicappers being able to hit the ball longer, and they are certainly one of the best golf irons 2017 in this category.

The good looks are still there, the JPX 900 Hot Metal irons are well made, they have just a 2mm face and wider soles so you can see the back of the head on longer irons. With a mixture of shiny chrome areas and brushed satin areas alongside the traditional Mizuno blue trim, your bag will look fantastic with these clubs inside.

The feel and sound on the JPX 900 Hot Metal irons is loud, powerful and brilliant, something all golfers will love to feel and hear. The irons are solid on impact and that gives an impressive carry, while the sweet spot will forgive a bad shot and still produce good results. These clubs will help you from the heel and toe, with distance not lost, regardless of where you strike the ball on the face.


  • Great Mizuno design that looks awesome in the bag
  • Perfect for mid handicappers who want a great feel and sound
  • Ability to take your game to the next level with great power
  • Fantastically put together using the latest in golf technology
  • The best forgiving irons 2017


• Wider soles may not suit all players at address

Overall Rating

Mizuno JPX Hot Metal 900


#4 Callaway Steelhead XR

The Callaway Steelhead XR irons are a perfect marriage of old and new, and that results in a set of fantastic game improvement irons for 2017. Callaway know how to make great golf clubs, they are known across the world for their quality, so they have not broken a design that clearly works. They have based the Steelhead XR irons on the old Steelhead X-14 irons, using that classic shape and bringing it back to life with new technology.

The classic design, coupled with a modern wraparound cupface that you will see in many new irons, gives this club a great feel, a great look and a design that has performed brilliantly in the past. The result is a club that is great to play with, has great power and looks fantastic.

While we all want to have the best hitting golf clubs available, mid to high handicappers also need to know the club will still perform well on miss hits. With a low center of gravity on the long and middle irons, the Steelhead XR irons are designed to do exactly that. These irons will give great performance to all players, along with the flexibility to help rescue players which makes them one of the best golf irons 2017.

With such a huge sweet spot, it is almost impossible to miss it, something that mid and high handicappers will love. When you do hit it, expect distance and accuracy from your shot and a great, straight carry you will love watching.


  • Callaway made irons that are huge in quality
  • Great design that is proven to work
  • New technology offering better distance and accuracy
  • Large sweet spot, ideal for mid and high handicappers
  • Great price for the quality of the club you are getting


• None

Overall Rating

Callaway Steelhead XR


#3 Titleist 716 AP2

The new Titleist irons for 2017 are here! The Titleist 717 AP2 iron set is definitely a contender for the best golf iron of 2017. These irons are quality, they are made by Titleist, and they look and feel like top quality irons. Every dollar spent on Titleist irons is usually worth it, and these are certainly no exception. You need to know what you are doing on a golf course to be able to use these, but if you do then give them a try, you won’t regret it. There are only another one or two irons out there that fellow players rate as good in terms of consistency. The Titleist 716 AP2 looks and sounds beautifully, wait until you hear the sound of a perfect shot played with these irons! If you want to spend the money to buy these beauties, then you will not be disappointed!

You have just bought the best golf irons of 2017. However, if you want to save a few dollars then scroll down to see our #1 best golf irons of 2017.
The head size on the new AP2 irons is smaller than they old AP1 irons, but still easy enough to be able to hit right down the middle for handicappers who are between 9 and 11. Some players reviewed these as not being the longest irons, but they definitely have precision.


  • Rewards good hits incredibly well
  • Extremely high precision when hit well
  • Still very forgiving for pro irons
  • Perfect for single digit golfers
  • Challenging but possible to play for 10-15 handicappers
  • Titleist quality!


  • Not easy to play
  • Very pricey
Overall Rating

Titleist 716 AP2 Golf Irons

best golf irons 2017

#2 Callaway Apex Pro 16

The Callaway Apex Pro 16 irons are a fantastic, top of the range iron set with quality running throughout the clubs. Callaway know what they are doing when they make golf clubs and they have used all their experience, and the latest technology to create a great set for 2017 in the Apex Pro 16.

the best golf iron 2017

The carbon-steel head has a supple feel thanks to the forging process and inside the club, it is full of quality. The weighting process is different in the long and short irons, playing to their strengths to provide a great feel no matter what shot you are playing. Long irons have heavier slugs added low to give explosive distance while the short irons have no extra weight to give you a great feel when playing shorter chip shots into the greens.

These clubs are made for low to mid handicappers and while low handicappers will get the full force from these, mid handicappers are able to take their game to the next level with them. The club offers great feel across the head, giving a little help to mid handicappers who slightly miss the sweet spot from time to time. Low handicappers will be able to work the ball and get great distance off these clubs that will enable them to be very competitive around any golf course.

Just like a typical Callaway iron set, these clubs offer great power, a great feel and the ability to really improve your game. This set is perfect for those out there who are wanting to find the best golf irons 2017.


  • The quality you would expect from Callaway
  • The power to improve the game of any low to mid handicapper
  • Latest technology to give improved feel, ball striking and accuracy
  • Responsive to shots across the face which doesn’t punish mid handicappers
  • Ability for low handicappers to hit long and work the ball how they want it


• None

Overall Rating

Callaway Apex Pro 16


#1 Best Golf Irons 2017 (click below)

We tested many irons whether the best beginner irons for 2017 or professional irons and compared them to other reviews. The result was a top 5 list of the best irons 2017 that are most likely going to be the highlights this years and maybe also for 2018. Whether you are looking for cheap, expensive, good looking, professional or amateur irons, we have everything on the list. Finally, our #1 irons have a great price / value – performance, the most beautiful design and they are good for a wide range of handicaps.


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