5 Best Golf Drivers 2017

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5 Best Golf Drivers 2017

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Finding the best golf driver 2017 is very important if you don’t want to lose your distance and stay on top of your game. Since there are so many drivers out there on the market we shrinked down this list to the 5 best golf drivers for 2017. Most of these drivers are brand new, released in the last months and with the newest technology. We also added the best golf drivers 2017 for beginners to professionals to the list. Oh, by the way, did you know that we give a way one of our tested clubs every month? All you have to do is to subscribe and have a bit of luck!

Driver or Fairway Wood?

You have to make up your mind what you really need in your bag to improve your game. Do you need accuracy on a normal par-4? You need a fairway wood. Do you need distance on long par-4 or par 5 holes? You need a driver! And where do you find one? Right here where we have collected the best golf drivers 2017 in one article with pros, cons and ratings. We keep this article updated every month to ensure that you find the best driver on the market no matter when you read our driver review for 2017.

My handicap? Drivers and irons!Chris Codiroli

There are hundreds of options out there for a new golf driver in 2017 but we have compiled a list of 5 of the best drivers that are on the market right now.


  • Club Head Size

    The measurement for club heads is CC (cubic centimeters). Most of the drivers nowadays are in the range of 440 – 460cc. If your new driver for 2017 should allow you to add more spin and curviness to the ball try to aim for a 440cc driver. If you are searching for more forgiveness out of your new driver go for a 460cc one.

  • Adjustability

    You might need a driver that has an adjustable element allowing you to change the launch angle. Your new driver for 2017 should also have the ability of a changable face angle. With this feature you can choose between an open face angle, square face angle and closed face angle; change it to whatever you need at the moment.

  • Play it

    Always try before you buy, this way you know what you pay for, so a little practice is very important.

5 Best GOLF DRIVERS 2017

#5 Titleist 917 D2 Driver 460cc 2017

The newest driver from Titleist has lots of features and one of them is their new technology called SureFit CG. It’s weighting system allowing you to customize and fine tune your driver to a more fade, draw or neutral one. The system works really well and all the reviews out there are very positive about it. I’ve hit with the neutral and draw customization and it really enhances your game!

The Titleist 917 D2 also comes with an active recoil channel and if you value the sound of your driver you will love this one! (*zshhhhh*) Very loud and a high pitch, lovely. See this one as a great investment and one of the best golf drivers for 2017 so far if you want to get more out of your gear this year.


• Looks beautiful
• SureFit CG Technology
• Titleist quality!


• None

Overall Rating

Titleist 917 D2 Driver 460cc 2017


#4 Wilson Staff Men’s D200

Wilson’s new 268g, matte black driver is for golfers that want light clubs in their hands for a lot of power. It’s extremely precise and due to its weight gives you nice distance on your shots without much effort. Surprisingly but true, this driver has a great stability throughout the swing even though it is very light weight.

This one also comes with the ability to adjust the loft to manipulate your shots even more. Works really well and allowed me to produce some extreme curve balls. As you may have thought, the sound is amazing and to summarize Wilson’s Staff Men’s D200 Driver feels very good and is a perfect choice as long as you like lighter drivers.


• Effortless swing
• Amazing Price
• You get a very high ball flight


• none

Overall Rating



#3 TaylorMade AeroBurner Black Driver

This is the powerhouse of our best golf drivers 2017 list. The Taylormade Aeroburner Black has an increased sweet spot and a nice looking matte black finish with some red on it. If there is one thing that you need to know about this driver, it is the club head speed you get with it. The airflow around the club is amazing and everything is made perfectly aerodynamic.

If you like to “grip it and rip it” this is your go to driver 2017. Raw power, beautiful design and lots of forgiveness. The best golf driver 2017 for club head speed!


• Extreme club head speed
• Good forgiveness


• none

Overall Rating


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#2 Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver 2017

It was hard for me to decide which driver deserves the #1 spot on out Top 5 Best Golf Drivers 2017 list and this one is so good, I’d like to say that this one is #1, too. Callaway came up with an amazing driver this year for all handicaps, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or pro. Our Callaway Great Big Bertha review results were very clear. There are no weaknesses with this driver and it stunned us with all of its strenghts. Amazing design, great sound, feels very nice, very long and even more forgiving. The new JailBreak technology works very good and gave me and other players I saw good 10-20 yards compared to their current drivers.

I have never tested a driver with a launch that good and I didn’t believe how good the JailBreak is until I tested it. It is really hard to describe this driver since everything is exactly as I want it. I highly recommend you to test this one as soon as possible! This could make your 2017 a lot better!


• JailBreak technology
• Excels at everything
• Lovely colors


• absolutely none!

Overall Rating


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#1 Best Golf Driver 2017

As you can see from these golf driver 2017 reviews, there are many choices already. Click the blue button below to see our #1 best golf driver 2017 on Amazon !


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