5 Best Golf Putters 2017

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best golf putters 2017

5 Best Golf Putters 2017

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Having a good putter is crucial for everyone’s game. You just can’t play a good round of golf or significantly improve your handicap if your putter doesn’t do what you tell it to. Since there are so many putters out there on the market we made a this list of the 5 best golf putters for 2017. Most of these putters released in the last months and bring you the newest technology. Beginners to Pros can find something here and we also added putters of every price class. Oh, by the way, did you know that we give a way one of our tested clubs every month? All you have to do is to subscribe and have a bit of luck!


Looking for new putters 2017? Most players don’t take enough time to find the perfect putter for them. Don’t be one of those players and find the putter that improves your game.

Half of golf is fun; the other half is putting. Peter Dobereiner

Putting doesn NOT have to be that bad. Making a 15 feet put couldn’t be more fun so why not take your time and check our list of the best golf putters 2017?


  • Length

    This is the most important factor when looking for a new putter. Stand in the position you would have when putting and put your eyes on the ball, go down a bit and grab the putter. Depending on where your hands are on the grip of putter try to choose a longer or shorter one so that you can grab it perfectly in the middle of the grip.

  • Weight & Balance

    Go to the putting green and test. Play with lighter and heavier putters between 330g – 380g head weight depending on the length of your new putter for 2017. Also test toe balanced and face balanced putters to see which one you prefer more. It really comes down to what you like. There is no better or worse.

  • Head Design

    Look for a putter that looks attractive to you. That sounds so obvious but think about it. The putter is so important and you will most likely not be able to hit good shots if you don’t like the look of your putter in the first place.

5 Best GOLF PUTTERS 2017

#5 Nike Golf Method Converge Putter

A very traditionel looking putter from Nike. This one comes with the RTS fitting system which is quite nice if you have not yet done it. It has a very soft feel and muted sound which I like a lot! 2.5 degrees loft and very forgiving. Most players won’t go wrong with this one.

I always love the method grips from Nike and used it for almost 3 years. Fitting this one makes it incredible good in your bag and it’s also not breaking the bank due to its great price.


• Lovely colors
• RTS Fitting System by Nike
• Overall very good


• None

Overall Rating

Nike Golf Method Converge Putter


#4 Titleist Futura Dual Balance Scotty Cameron Putter

This putter is an absolute masterpiece and deserves a place in the list of the best golf putters 2017. It features an extra 50g weight added to the top of the grip and another 50g in the head of the putter. This weight distribution increases the stability for players swinging square to square drastically! If you have the chance to get this putter do it and get it with Dual Balance!

The only reason why this putter is not #1 and rated the best putter for 2017 is because there are players that simply don’t swing naturally like this putter wants you to.


• Titleist quality
• Scotty Cameron design
• Amazing swing control


• some players can’t swing good with this

Overall Rating

Titleist Futura Dual Balance Scotty Cameron Putter


#3 TaylorMade Spider Limited Itsy Bitsy Putter

Jason Day’s favourite putter for 2017 with a lovely design and limited edition. Featuring a simple white line on top this putter is called “the red monster” due to its impressive performance last year on the tour. So many players reported that they improve their putting game just by getting this beauty in their hands and I absolutely agree. The Taylormade Spider feels great in my hands and is very easy to swing in a perfect line.

Dustin Johnson is also winning tournaments on the PGA Tour with this putter now. The distance control is definetly the best thing about it. I had not problems at all with getting the right amount of length on my putts and (that’s the reason why I play it) there is no way that I’m going to miss my putts by 3 or more feet with this one! For me personally this is the best golf putter 2017 but the next 2 are even better for most players and especially for someone looking for new game improvement putters for 2017.


• Played on the PGA Tour
• Best distance control


• none

Overall Rating

TaylorMade Spider Limited Itsy Bitsy Putter

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#2 Callaway Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0

The Callaway Odyssey made it to #2 as the second best golf putter 2017. This one is well known to almost all golfers since it is so good at all areas. Many of Callaways PGAs Pros are still using a classic putter like the Odyssey and that was the reason for them to create this classic, oldschool masterpiece. The classic design and feel really works well and makes it surely a great choice for almost everyone looking for some more precise putts.

The Odyssey comes with a very good price and a nice leather headcover. You can’t really go wrong with it but as always make sure to get some hours with it on the putting green.


• Legendary classic putter
• Great at all areas


• no spectacular design

Overall Rating


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#1 Best Golf Putter 2017

I hope you found some interesting putters on our list. If not, there is still one more left. Click the blue button below to see our #1 best golf putter 2017 on Amazon !


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